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Most online experiences start in a search engine, so it's pretty clear where your website needs to be. We employ an integrated approach using SEO and SEM strategies to push you to the top of the search rankings, and keep you there.

Search Engine Marketing/

Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) is a form of paid advertising on the Internet. It involves many complex algorithms, detailed research and tech jargon. In short, it is best to get an expert to do it for you. We work with you in a four step approach to get the best results.

  • Research
    Target your ideal customer with detailed research of search trends
  • Implementation
    Write effective ads and get them published on Google, Bing or Facebook
  • Management
    Control your monthly and CPC budget spend to ensure a health return on investment
  • Reporting
    Provide monthly analytical insight and use the data to maximise results.

Ad Networks/

The three main search engine advertising networks online are Google, Bing and Facebook. Almost all businesses benefit from advertising on Google and Bing, but only some are suited to a Facebook campaign. We can help you decide where and how to spend your advertising budget, and then provide you with monthly reports that detail the results.

Google Adwords
The biggest search engine online and a must for your business. 66% of the market cannot be ignored. We consistently have excellent results with Google Adwords campaigns for our clients, simply read the Tranquil Water testimonial below.

Bing Adcenter
With only 30% of the search market, you might be mistaken for thinking that Bing Adcenter isn’t a major priority. However, depending on who you are targeting, it may be just the thing to increase sales, find more fans and gain brand exposure.

Here are a few scary facts: Facebook is the most visited website on the Internet and about 11% of the world’s population have an account. Doesn’t it make sense to market your product or service to people who are internet savvy and in a good mood?

Search Engine Optimisation/

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is crucial for all websites, and when done properly, will organically get your website to the top of search engine rankings, and keep it there. We do this by:

  • Optimising your websites structure so it is visible to search engine robots.
  • Building a network of inbound links from relevant and credible sources.
  • Writing regular SEO-focused content and publishing them on your website.

We only use the best industry standards and practices, with a strict no-spam policy. This means our work has long lasting and sustainable effects on your organic rankings – and we can prove it with our detailed reporting.

Case Study/

We first got in touch with Tranquil Water in 2008 to order a water cooler for our office. Their natural spring water is delicious and their owners, Lena and Al, are lovely people. They were curious about what our company did and when we told them they were super excited! They thought their current company was costing a fortune without getting many results, but didn’t have the first clue as to where to find another one to replace them. It was fate. We took over their SEM and SEO activities almost right away, and four years later we have added even more services. Here’s what Morning Agency does for Tranquil Water on a regular basis:

  • Manage their Google Adwords account to ensure they get a steady flow of enquiries and sales.
  • Create targeted landing pages and regularly monitor their success, tweaking as necessary.
  • Write SEO-focused news stories and publish them on their blog.
  • Provide detailed monthly reporting and consult on overall digital marketing strategy for the business, including email marketing and special offers/promotions to entice new customers.

One-off projects:

  • We designed and built a brand new WordPress CMS website that has dynamic categories for products, a blog and all areas fully editable in the back end (although they just let us do updates for them. They are smart at outsourcing tasks they don’t need to learn).
  • We designed and built another WordPress CMS website for a second business they started for a mobile water trailer called Tranquil Water Events.
  • We set up a Facebook page, and populated it with information and images. We managed it for a while, but then Lena decided she had the time to take it over herself.

What’s next?

  • Adding an eCommerce payment system to the existing website so that current customers can easily re-order water and new customers can purchase immediately. We will complete this for them in late 2012.


We are so glad we switched to Morning Agency, because now we enjoy sales all year round. The last company we used charged far too much and constantly blamed a lack of sales as ‘seasonal’, but there are no such excuses with you! If things are slow, you tirelessly try new tactics to get things moving again. Thank you, I love it that you care about my business and treat it as your own!

Lena Arabi, co-owner of Tranquil Water and Tranquil Water Events.

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