What We Do/Digital Content

Digital Content is an umbrella term for all the different types of content we can create that is featured online, including; email newsletters, blog posts, news articles, videos, photography and bespoke niche content like recipe development.

Email Marketing/


Email newsletters are one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. They penetrate right into their personal inbox and keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

We are a complete one-stop shop when it comes to email marketing campaigns. We take care of the strategy, design, code, copy, send and reporting. We tweak and test every campaign to make sure it appears correctly in all email accounts such as gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc so that you have peace of mind your message is being delivered with impact.

It is important to use a bulk sending solution to send out email newsletters, and not your personal email account. Using an online system is more secure, allows you to track results and looks much more professional. We have an in-house sending solution and offer our clients two options for creating and sending email campaigns.

Option #1: DIY Email Newsletters

We will design you a one-off template to use for your email newsletters and then set you up with an online account for our in-house sending solution. Simply follow our easy user manual to update the template with your latest news and photos and then send out to your customers. Afterwards, you can run yourself a report to see how your campaign went.

This option is great for clients who are quite tech-savvy and have good writing skills. It’s not for everyone though, and sometimes it’s best to recognise that you need to outsource some things – or risk sending out a half finished newsletter and looking a bit silly. If you’d prefer we do the hard work for you, see our Fully Managed option below.


  • Cheapest option available
  • Great for tech-savvy people
  • Send newsletters day or night
  • Run campaign reports yourself

Option #2: Fully Managed Email Newsletters

Let us do all the hard work for you. We will create you a professional email newsletter that encompasses your brand’s look and feel. We will set up your database, segmenting it if necessary, and take care of the entire campaign from the design, to the send, to the reporting and analysis to ensure you always get great results.


  • Professional copywriting and photography
  • Peace of mind the campaign will run smoothly
  • Database and unsubscribe management
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Campaign strategy and planning

SEO Content/

SEO friendly content are simply articles written with attention paid as to how they will be viewed by search engines. They highlight specific key phrases that your business wants to rank highly for in Google (and other search engines), and are generally about 300-600 words long.

We can create one-off articles, but if you want to get your website at the top of organic search results and keep it there, the best way to do it is with regular SEO focused stories published to your website. These can be in a ‘hidden’ section so that the public cannot read them or featured in your news or blog pages.

We work with you to determine the right key phrases to aim for and provide detailed monthly reporting to showcase results.


Need a press release, feature article or news story written? We can help you out. Whether it’s for online or offline, we can create copy that is interesting, engaging and downright readable.

You probably know this already, but no matter how pretty your website is, it is the words that ultimately interest and convert your customers. Paying to get a professional to create you well-written, well-structured and engaging copy is seriously one of the best business decisions you will ever make. Simply put: it’s worth the money.

Here’s some examples of copywriting services you might need:

  • Copy for a new website
  • Editing or optimising copy on an existing website
  • Media press release
  • SEO-friendly feature article
  • Company news feature article
  • Social media profile

Recipe Development/

Our resident food blogger, Christie, is a dab hand at cooking. She develops recipes, writes food feature articles and recruits bloggers for campaigns on behalf of brands and PR agencies.

If you are a food or lifestyle brand (or a PR representing a brand) that would like to gain exposure for your product, then the creation of a bespoke recipe by a well known food blogger could be for you. Not only will you receive a recipe designed to specifically feature your product, accompanied with a high quality photograph, but the recipe will also be featured on the Fig & Cherry Australian Food Blog and shared via social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Stumbleupon.

Getting many bloggers to create recipes for your brand, or to review your product, is a great way to gain mass word-of-mouth digital exposure. Christie has a large network of bloggers ready to take a brief and get blogging, so get in touch today to tap into this new and effective form of online marketing.

Social Media/

There’s no doubt about it, your business needs a social media presence. It doesn’t need to be on all of them, mind you, some work better than others depending on what you’re selling or offering. Let us help you decide which platforms you need to be on, help you set them up, and manage them too.

We are dab hands at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Plus, we stay on top of the newest platforms and applications to emerge, which means you do too.

If you have already got a social media page, and are unsure how to get more fans or make fans interact with you, we can show you how. Simply get in touch for a chat.

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