Over time, databases can get outdated and bored. It costs time and money to send out emails to your customers, which is why database maintenance is so important. Cull invalid email addresses and try to make the most of your long standing subscribers to test how interested they still are in your business.

The first thing to work on is your subject line process. Is it catchy and informative or does it sound spammy? What’s even worse is if it sounds boring because no one will bother reading it. Try to incorporate a personalisation, either in the subject line or in the salutation of the email, as this makes the newsletter more inviting.

The simplest way to wake up a sleepy database is through promotions. Special offers and exclusive deals are a great incentive for your customers to revisit your site.

You can also try freebies or discounts. Consider a small offer with a greater perceived value than its actual costs. At best, this will result in positive PR for your company as members forward your offer to friends or personally recommend you to others. If a free deal isn’t going to move your readers, nothing will!

Morning has strategised another top trick: segment your database to get more information on the results. For instance, you can divide your members into two categories: inactive members (those who have not opened your emails for 90 days) and active members (those who have opened and clicked within the last 90 days). For the two lists you should have a slightly different offer and differing subject lines as well.

This not only rewards your loyal, active readers with a special offer, but also provides a chance for you to convert inactive readers back to potential customers. All in all a quick, inexpensive exercise to determine your true readership.

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