Email marketing analysis gives a business direct access to their consumers’ buying habits and can potentially grow a business through strengthening customer rapport. It is important to treat your hard-earned database with respect as this will lead to more repeat business in the future. This equals higher profits! Newsletters can help your business to generate more revenue as it gives you the opportunity to find out what your readers really want from you.

It is vital to conduct a performance analysis for online marketing campaigns to gauge its success. If readers are unsubscribing from your mailing list or not taking up your advertised offer, then your business is losing money and wasting time selling either the wrong product or to the wrong market.

When analyzing the success of your campaign it is important to look for 5 things. These are the number of:

Successfully delivered emails

Opened emails

Actual unique clicks

New unsubscribes

Forwarded email opens

Successful Deliveries
This figure tells you how many of your readers actually received your email to their inbox. A delivery rate of approximately 90% is optimal. The remaining 10% will be bounces: either ‘hard bounces’ (incorrect email addresses) or ‘soft bounces’ (full inboxes or busy servers).

When creating email campaigns it is imperative to remember that you are producing content for your readers and also for the hundreds of spam filters which will be scanning your campaign for junk mailing. This can be a fine balancing act as newsletter content should be short, limited copy supplemented with ‘light’, eye-grabbing images. Ideally, you want your marketing to reflect the medium of the Internet: concise, immediate, easily accessible and quick. Unfortunately, these are the same qualities for which spam filters specifically bounce junk mail.

Morning Copy has a proven success rate developing online creative solutions with a pass rate in the top 10 percentile of the industry. See our solutions for how to wake up a sleepy database and increase your email delivery rate.

Opened Emails
Your bulk mail service will provide you with the statistics of ‘Number of recipients who opened‘, ‘Total number of opens’ and ‘Average number of opens’, of which only the first figure is of use. For reporting purposes you want to know how many recipients from your total database opened the newsletter each, not the total amount of times the mailer was opened overall.

Actual Unique Clicks
‘Unique Clicks’ information is presented in the same fashion as the ‘Opened Emails’ category. Again, the unique record is the most informative, telling you which links within your campaign were the most popular and how many recipients clicked. This is the most important detail as it tells you exactly what your readers want! Capitalizing on this information will increase your sales as you sell your readers offers/goods they will actually buy.

The clicks statistics is also great for understanding your readers’ habits. Where are the majority of the clicks generated from? Does the top of the page have the most clicks? Are images or text links more attractive to your database? Which offers are the most popular? Are recipients reading to the end of the mailer? Optimize your sales potential by building subsequent mailers on this information.

New Unsubscribes
Sadly, some readers will actually want to leave your database. Unsubscribes are inevitable however, and must be removed from the database immediately. Morning Copy experiences a very marginal unsubscribe rate from its created campaigns, which is less than half a percent on average, the desired industry standard.

Forwarded Email Opens
Imbedding an option for recipients to forward your campaign to their friends is the perfect way to increase your database immediately. It has guaranteed delivery rates and favoured open and click rates, plus it’s free! Personal recommendations from friends are invaluable to any business, so this feature can be incentivized to encourage more good ‘leads’.

Morning Copy is experienced in post-production analysis. Find out how we can create unique marketing solutions by judging your performance statistics within the market.

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