At Morning Copy we always say that building a bigger email database should be at the top of every business’ to-do list.

Why is growing your email marketing database so important?

That’s easy!  Every new reader is also a new potential customer, and at the end of the day who doesn’t want new customers?

Here are 3 easy ways that you can build up your email database in an organic, ethical manner.

It’s important for the ‘health’ of your email database that your readers voluntarily opt-in to your newsletters because if your messages are forced upon them they will report you to spam filters and your message will not get through to the people who really want to read it.

1.Give your subscription form pride of place on your website.

Don’t hide your subscription form away on a low-traffic section of your site. You should give your email subscription form pride of place on your homepage so that it gets the most exposure possible.

2.Simplify your subscription form

We’d love to know everything about our database but most people don’t want to tell you their age/marriage status/phone number just for the privilege of reading your newsletter. Simplify your subscription form down to the need to know stuff like email address, first name and company name.

3.Incentivise sign ups with giveaways

There’s no shame in bribing your way to a bigger email marketing database!

A timely prize like a free iPad can generate a lot of viral interest on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

If you decide to incentivise sign ups, you have to follow up with strong newsletter content because an incentivised member has less reason to stay subscribed after your promotion has ended.

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3 Responses to Build a bigger email marketing database

  1. Christie says:

    Nice one Dillon. So true about incentivised newsletter sign ups!

  2. Luke says:

    Good tips. Been setting ours up for at the moment – our customers are our fans and just as important! Would love to see an in depth post on MailChimp from you guys!

  3. Rick says:

    We’ve done some A/B testing on popup timers asking for people to join our newsletter list and found that 15 seconds was a good amount of time between visiting our homepage for the first time and seeing the popup. We’ve increased new subscribers by 300% using this method.

    We then followup with a “tour” of Xtracycle using MailChimp’s autoresponders. Works great!

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