Last Friday, Google made a slight change to its Google Forms.

The code change affects all forms that use the Google Forms Confirmation redirect solution in our popular How To Style Google Forms tutorial.

Don’t worry if your form is broken because it should take you just a minute to fix it.

Simply go into your form code and replace the:

<input type="submit" value="Submit" />


<input name="pageNumber" type="hidden" value="0" />
<input name="backupCache" type="hidden" />
<input name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit" />

That’s it! I have fully tested this new version of the form and updated all the styled Google Form examples on our site.

Styled Google Form with Confirmation redirect

Styled Google Form with jQuery validation

Style Google Form with jQuery radio buttons validation

Still stuck?

If you’re having trouble getting your styled Google Form to work we recommend you try out an easy web form maker like Form Expers.

22 Responses to Google Forms Update

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Dillon

    Thanks for your “How to style GoogleDoc Forms” series.
    It’s surely a great help for us, web dev, with the form thing.

    However, I got a few things on my mind.

    First, is this okay to do so ?
    Does this comply with the TOS ?

    Second, may i ask you to combine your 4 posts in this serie into one complete post ?

    Each time I visit your site to read the articles, i have to open your site in 3 different window to be able to switch back and forth reading different part of the instruction, so I figure it would be nice if you could combine them into one perfect complete post.

    Thanks for great tutorial.

  2. Dillon says:

    @Paul Thanks for your feedback.

    I am working on a big How to style Google Forms redux post for 2010. The plan is to add extra functionality and put all the info in one place as you suggest. Look out for it!

  3. Al Elliott says:

    Hi Dillon,

    You are my nominated person of the day!

    Thank you so much for this – exactly what i was looking for.


  4. [...] your Google Form stopped working because of updates to the Google Forms source code? Check out our Google Forms Update post and find out how to fix this issue in [...]

  5. Enzo says:

    Any progress on the new form styling tutorial? I hope you discuss making use of the pagination capability.

    Looking forward to your next post on this!

  6. dc says:

    Hey thanks for taking the time to type this update. Will be looking for the redux whenever you are done with it. I do have a suggestion though, a lot of the search engines are still linking to your first post on Google Forms confirmation redirect and it appears the post is no longer up. Might want to place a redirect on that page all the search engines keep targeting.

    Search engines point to here:, instead the link should be

  7. Dillon says:

    Thanks DC! We changed the category names and neglected to update the .htaccess redirects for our indexed pages.

    Redux is on it’s way!

  8. Ronald Hewlett says:

    Many thanks for your tutorials. The only problem I have found with your tutorial ‘Google Forms Update 8 Comments’ is that the code you listed only works with a one page form with the submit button at the bottom of it. I created a form with multi choice questions (Yes and No). I had to insert page breaks to enable a jump to either more detailed questions if the answer was Yes or to jump to another page if the answer was No. The form therefore displays the button ‘Continue’ at the bottom of each page rather than ‘Submit’. I tried viewing the published form and then going to the last page of the form with the Submit button on it. I copied the code onto the web site page and included the additional code in your tutorials but that only displayed the last page of the survey form. I think that a soluiton to this problem would greatly assist many people, me included. Hopefully Redux will give details of how to solve this and other problems people have found with Google forms.

    • Dillon says:

      @ Ronald I’ve tried and failed to get multi-page Google forms to work. Redux will provide a js solution that you’ll find useful.

      @ Paul This solution has worked ever since Google Forms came out. Unfortunately, I can’t promise that it will continue to work forever.

      @ Lee How is your Ruby on Rails? This solution could work for you on your Google Apps site:

  9. Paul says:

    Hi Dillon

    I was wondering if using google form and style it ( using method u proposed here )
    will be a long lasting solution for a small website that can not afford paid service.

    What do u think ?

    and do u still plan on writing the redux post for 2010 ?

  10. Lee says:

    Hi Dillon,

    I very much like the fact that you’ve gone to the lengths to help people style their Google Forms for their own sites but is there any way we can do similar styling for Google Forms that are hosted in Google Apps sites? Basically we do not have access to the labels and are not able to insert scripts or iframes.

    You most competent assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Lee says:


    Ruby on rails wasn’t an option as the whole shebang is hosted on Google but I worked my way around the problem.
    Basically I wanted a form that would redirect to my own thankyou page within the same google apps site and your tutorial got me most of the way, the only change I made was to substitute window.location (whichs opens the thankyou page in the iframe) with parent.window.location (which opens the thankyou page in the same “_parent” frame. This works in Safari, Firefox and Chrome but not IE8. Will continue to work on it!

    • Mark says:


      I am currently trying to do the same thing as you have done.

      Are you routing people on the submit button from within Google apps?

      If so could i see the changes you have made to Dillon’s code?


  12. Lee says:

    Ok got it, parent.location dworks in all browsers.

  13. Love says:

    Hey Dillion been using the techniques for a while but……….

    A google form with “page breaks” meaning the form will back and continue options. How will the redirect lik work with the “back button” on the form.
    where the user can make changes.

    This would be your greatest update yet or maybe one of the greatest yet!

    Keep up the udates!

  14. Love says:


    Had to add some extra css rules but it works like a charm
    im speechless and yep this is the greatest well…… at least in my opinion

    Sorry i should have read more before i open my statements

    but Thanks
    I really needed this

  15. HI,

    I was just getting this process moving on a site this week and I keep running into a snag… looked over your site for updates- not sure what is going on… You can see my page source here (I think)

    It looks right, it redirects right… it just doesn’t actually fill into the form- NOT good… not sure what I am doing wrong or if there was another update…

    • Dillon says:

      @Miranda I took a look at your form. I could be wrong but it looks like you are using a Google Apps Form. This solution only works for the standard Google Forms.

      Check out this thread on the Google Help Forums. The posters in that thread go into more detail, but all you have to do is remove the extra Google Apps data from your form action and the issue should be resolved.

  16. Pieter says:

    the code below wont’work for me? Can anyone help me ? Thanks!

    var submitted=false;

    • Pieter says:

      it is the code {window.location=’..//YOUR-THANK-YOU-PAGE-URL';}”>
      <form action="YOUR-EMBEDDED-GOOGLE-SPREADSHEET-LINK" method="post"

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